Our financial philosophy

As an organization funded by school boards and sponsorships, fiscal accountability is a core component of all our operational activities.

Through accurate internal accounting and bookkeeping procedures, OSTAAECO has maintained successful operations and provided student trustees with remarkable professional development opportunities.

Our primary revenue streams include memberships, conference registrations, and sponsorships from external organizations.

Our expenses are primarily comprised of conference fees, transportation, and accommodations.

The organization undergoes external audits for every fiscal year of operationIn the interest of transparency, our audits are released to school boards and are available for download on this page. 

Financial growth

Over the last five years, we’ve pursued an agenda to support the organization through the robust growth of financial resources, the development of reliable capital reserves, and the implementation of new systems to increase the accuracy of our budgeting and financial analysis practices.

Through the generous financial support of our member boards, we have been able to invest in long-term infrastructure and begin to engage in long-term financial planning that will undoubtedly carry the growth of the organization for years to come.

Some of the elements of our current five-year financial plan include: restructuring the systems that we use to interact with customers, process data, track financial performance, and allocate capital; and overhauling our cost structure and updating the revenue model to mitigate financial and economic risk, and support long-term growth in both reach and student engagement.

Additionally, the OSTA Supports program advocates for student trustee funding reform to increase funding and line of sight into student trustee budgets and offers a system of financial grants to engage underrepresented students and increase student engagement across the province.

Some of our recent financial highlights include:

  • Revenue growth rate of 40% (five-year average annualized basis)
  • Membership revenue growth rate of 51% (five-year average annualized basis)
  • Organic student engagement growth of 12-15% (three-year average adjusted basis)
  • Increase in the reach of the OSTA Support Equity Grants program by 2x