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We, the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association, are determined to:

  • Develop unity amongst the province’s student trustees;
  • Work towards fostering an education system in Ontario, which is world class in its support and success for students;
  • Ensure that Student Trustees receive the support, orientation and advocacy that they need to be successful;
  • Carry with pride the fact that we are students representing students; offering relevant, responsible and timely representation;
  • Make the government aware of the needs, concerns and aspirations of students;
  • Empower and advocate for the students of Ontario;

And have resolved to accomplish these aims by:

  • Representing, speaking, and advocating for the students of Ontario;
  • Continuing to be a strong voice within the education community as we continually identify and speak to issues that are important and relevant to the students;
  • Representing the interests of every student in the province in both divisions of publicly funded education;
  • Eliciting and listening to the voices of students in every school board through their elected Student Trustee;
  • Ensuring our ability to speak without the burden of a fiscal or a political agenda;
  • Making certain that governments of all levels are aware of the needs and concerns within the education system in order to maintain and improve the quality of education in Ontario;

In achieving our aims we will work to form an education system in Ontario which:

  • Guarantees students supportive and stimulating continual growth, development and learning, both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Provides a system of safety and equity;
  • Creates a culture that values the worth and importance of the student voice;
  • Maintains qualified, knowledgeable and engaging teachers;
  • Prepares students for civic understanding, with no student being the victim of political ends;
  • Embraces bilingualism and multiculturalism; and
  • Is world class for student success, providing relevant measures to address student needs and foster student ownership in education.


And all in the hopes of achieving, ‘a student vision, a united voice.’

Our members are committed volunteers who act from goodwill and their love for our fellow students and education, giving shape and hope to our future.