We firmly believe that the members represented by CUPE play an integral role in creating positive educational experiences for students across the province. As such, we affirm CUPE’s call for a contract that allows their members to succeed in fulfilling their jobs to the best of their abilities.  

As students, we are urging the government to return to the bargaining table immediately to work towards a solution that meets the best interests of both CUPE members and students. To support education workers is to support students. 

Keeping students in the classroom and supporting education workers are not mutually exclusive. We recognize that as we transition into a post-pandemic era of learning, it’s crucial that students continue to receive a full educational experience. This includes opportunities to learn and grow through student programs and other extracurricular activities. The early childhood educators, educational assistants, custodians, administrative assistants, and other members represented by CUPE are essential in ensuring that these opportunities are available to students, and that they can continue to thrive in their school communities.  

While stakeholders in education have continued to use students to further their narrative, there has been no significant student consultation on these issues. Given the nature of the work that CUPE members take on in schools and their direct impact on students, it’s crucial for us to be able speak to our own experiences and needs without being told how we feel. It’s time to listen to what our education workers need because it’s what students need. 

Aisha Mahmoud, President, OSTA-AECO


For additional information, and for media inquiries, please contact: 

OSTA-AECO Communications 
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