Menstrual products made available to all Ontario Students

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Blogs, Newsroom

The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association is pleased with the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Education, issuing a change that can greatly benefit thousands of students across Ontario. We thank the government and Shoppers Drug Mart for being proactive towards period poverty.

The Ministry of Education has partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart to provide over 6 million menstrual products each year, over a three-year term, beginning this coming fall. There will also be an addition of 1200 dispensers being implemented in Ontario schools to facilitate the distribution of menstrual products in schools. This agreement will dismantle the barriers that prevent many of our students from purchasing menstrual products and lessens the burden on their backs.

Our Student Trustees have been so determined in making this project a reality and we knew that OSTA-AECO would be placing a greater emphasis on menstrual equity this year. We’ve been able to speak with Minister Stephen Lecce about our advocacy on this topic, and have encouraged him to be proactive for this cause.

Our President, Keith Baybayon shared his remarks this morning alongside other Ministers and the President of Shoppers Drug Mart, Jeff Leger. He stated in his speech, “seeing these products being distributed within our schools allows our students to feel safer and more included within their school communities.”

We thank the Government and Shoppers Drug Mart for being proactive towards period poverty. No student should not be able to attend school because of something that is natural.

We are looking forward to dismantling the stigma that surrounds menstrual equity and will further review the process of this program.

Ontario Student Trustees’ Association

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