This past weekend, the 2021-2022 OSTA-AECO Executive Council kicked off the start of their term with a 2-day transitional conference at the Toronto CF Marriott Hotel.

After doing meetings via Microsoft Teams since their elections at the 2021 May Annual General Meeting Conference, the Executive Team came together in Downtown Toronto to learn more about their roles, collaborate on projects, while attending team-building and operational workshops.

The Outgoing 2020-2021 Executive Council and Board of Directors joined the council to share best practices and provide guidance and support. “It was a great opportunity to meet face to face with the outgoing Vice President, to discuss plans for the upcoming year.” Declan Amaral, Catholic Board Council Vice President shares. The transitional conference was a success as OSTA-AECO President, Keith Baybayon states, “The transitional conference helped me understand my role better and I feel even more prepared to take on my responsibilities.”

The Executive Council anticipates momentous plans for their term and is eager to work with the Board Council cabinets, Working Groups, General Assembly, and students in the province to achieve them.


OSTA-AECO is a nonprofit organization comprised entirely of current and former student trustees who volunteer on a part-time basis to advocate for the improvement of public education in the province of Ontario.

For additional information, contact:

Keith Baybayon
President, OSTA-AECO