Modernizing education curriculum. OSTA-AECO anticipates consultation.

For Immediate Release

Toronto, ON The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association – l’Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l’Ontario (OSTAAECO) welcomes the Ministry of Education’s recent announcement of a multi-year initiative to refresh curriculums and assessment tools from Kindergarten to Grade 12, signifying Ontario’s commitment to ensuring that educational practices reflect the modern needs of students.

The Government of Ontario announced that it will begin a multi-year process of modernizing Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum. These updates will be designed to improve student achievement, emphasizing transferable life skills and promoting equity and well-being within schools. Parallel updates to provincial assessment and reporting practices will ensure that provincial testing, through EQAO, is culturally relevant and measures a wider range of learning. Notably, new report cards will be introduced in schools for the 2018-2019 academic year.

OSTA-AECO acknowledges the immense value of an education system offering diversified opportunities to engage students with varied interests and goals. It is through these forward-thinking projects that Ontario maintains its ability to provide a world class, publicly-funded education system.

“Students are a critical stakeholder in the revision of provincial curriculum and evaluation practices. The policy comes to life every day in the classroom: students know what will engage students,” said OSTA-AECO President Dasha Metropolitansky. “A diverse array of student feedback will ensure that the new curriculum effectively prepares graduates for whichever post-secondary pathway they pursue.”

Student consultation is a crucial aspect of a comprehensive curriculum refresh. OSTA-AECO recognizes that student input is necessary to ensure that the changes are culturally relevant and reflect current student needs. OSTA-AECO anticipates upcoming opportunities to work alongside the Government of Ontario and educational partners to ensure that student voice is prominent in all consultations made to provincial curriculum, assessment and reporting practices.