OSTA-AECO to collaborate with national not-for-profit Student Vote

by | Sep 28, 2007 | Newsroom, Press Releases

For Immediate Release

TORONTO, ON — The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association – L’Association des élèves conseillères et conseillers de l’Ontario, a student-led official stakeholder in education, is working together with Student Vote, a national, not-for-profit initiative to engage Canada’s youth in democracy.

OSTA-AECO, an assembly of the student trustees in Ontario, is excited to support this worthwhile programme. “There is no better contribution to renewing democracy than educating the next generation about the values and procedures of our electoral system,” said Andrew Pawluch, President of OSTA-AECO.

According to statistics released by the Chief Electoral Officer, less than 57% of eligible voters cast ballots in the last provincial election. Student Vote seeks to directly combat voter apathy by educating students about the election process, electoral parties and platforms, as well as teaching teens important decision-making skills.

OSTA-AECO has challenged its members to organise their peers in each respective school board to fully conduct the Student Vote programme. “This programme is best waged when all students have the opportunity to participate; democracy is best advanced when everyone speaks up,” said Pawluch.

“With issues being discussed directly affecting students, this election is important. The referendum may redefine our democracy. Students can contribute, students can lead and students can vote, thanks to this programme and partnership,” said OSTA-AECO Vice-President Communications Jonathan Scott.

Individual student trustees have brought their own talents to the programme, including hosting candidate debates and interviewing candidates about the issues. The student vision is being advanced by this partnership between Ontario’s student trustees and the innovative Student Vote programme.


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