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Alumni Network

The OSTA-AECO Alumni Network is committed to facilitating opportunities for former members to celebrate their place in OSTA-AECO’s history, to network with each other, and to support current cohorts of student trustees. We offer communications, social events and professional opportunities for current and future alumni.

An integral section of OSTA-AECO, the Alumni Network, strives to maintain an active connection to the ongoing operations of the organization.

We believe that student trustees are a unique group of individuals who develop diverse skills that support emerging professional careers. This diversity and commitment to excellence creates a meaningful network of alumni. Our organization aims to recognize and celebrate the contributions of former student trustees to the development of OSTA-AECO. We believe that our alumni are an important resource for current Student Trustees. OSTA-AECO alumni are encouraged to recognize and support the student voice in education, and believe that current student trustees are best positioned to advocate for students.

We recognize the benefits of continued interaction and networking among former student trustees for the benefit of the whole Alumni Network.

One of the core functions of the outreach and mentorship committee of the board of directors is to coordinate meaningful opportunities for alumni to connect with current student trustees and support their initiatives, educational goals, and career aspirations.

All OSTA-AECO alumni are invited to attend the Alumni Gala, which we hold every 5 years at the end of the Annual General Meeting. At the gala, we take the time to celebrate and honour the accomplishments of current student trustees as they complete high school and pursue further opportunities. Details for our alumni galas are distributed through our mailing list—sign up below!

In addition, we generally host alumni socials throughout the year so that members of the Alumni Network, young and old, can reconnect over a nice meal, catch up, and expand their respective personal and professional networks.

Every year, alumni are also invited to sign-up and to be connected with and serve as a mentor to a current Student Trustee through the OSTA-AECO mentorship program. Mentors and mentees are connected one-on-one based on prospective post-secondary institution and future aspirations. Details are released part-way through every academic term.

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For any Alumni Network related inquiries, please contact:

Harleen Arora | Board of Directors | OSTA-AECO