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Info for New Student Trustees

Congratulations on your election as a student trustee! You’re joining a network of student voice advocates who are dedicated to improving Ontario’s education system.

Getting started

We want to get you connected to your network of student trustees as soon as possible! Here’s how to do that:


Create your OSTA account

This account will grant you access to OSTA Central: your one-stop shop for student trustee resources, our social collaboration ecosystem, and all things OSTA. It's the best way for you to stay up-to-date on education advocacy and news—and also for you to build community with your fellow student trustees.*


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Introduce yourself

Once your account has been created, introduce yourself! Head to the General Assembly community on Viva Engage and introduce yourself to your peers. Our next conference will be coming up soon, and this is a great place to build connections before meeting one another in person.


Stay connected and in the know

Download the Viva Engage app on your phone. Log in with your OSTA account so you don't miss a thing.

Also, get to know the organization. Meet OSTA's Board of Directors and Leadership Team (Want to get in touch with them? Just look them up in our People Directory!). Learn about OSTA's history as well as its Education Advocacy and Advocacy Interest Groups.

* Important: Make sure you enter your school board email address in the Email confirmation to field. Once you have requested an account, please reach out to the Technology Service Desk if you have any questions. Do not request an account more than once.