Updating our Brand

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Newsroom

We’re changing to better represent you.

We’ve been a major stakeholder in Ontario education for 20 years, and we’ve built a name for ourselves by advocating for the students of Ontario. But we also regularly interact with other key stakeholders in the education community. Parents, teachers, and government officials look to us to echo and amplify our peers’ voices, concerns, and opinions.

Like many students, we’re entering a new stage of our life, and we realized that the look we’d been pulling off for so long just wasn’t suiting us anymore. We wanted a more stylish, modern look. Something that would better represent the perspective we bring to the table, to show we want to move forward with the Ontario education system.

A newer, bolder us.

Our updated logo 

As you can see, we’ve given our logo a bit of a facelift. We’ve opted for a bolder typeface—indicating our prominence within the education community—and slashed the serifs. We wanted to freshen up.

We’ve also introduced a brighter primary colour palette, which forms the core of our identity. Say hello (or bonjour!) to Obsidian and Trillium Blue.

Finally, we’ve modernized the Trillium, creating a more organic look by softening its edges and rounding its corners. We’ve also drawn more consistent lines—starting thinner near the centre, and then widening at each petal’s edge.

It’s not just our look that’s changing, we’re changing.

OSTA-AECO is becoming a social brand. Learning how to represent Ontario students, with Ontario students. This all begins with re-imagining our current image. Let’s work together to make Ontario education better for students.

We hope you enjoy our new look and style.

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