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Correspondence from the Board

Introducing the Target State Organization

Over the last three-and-a-half years, the board of directors has been focused on OSTA-AECO’s organizational growth, longevity, and scalability in an ever-changing educational, political, and economic landscape.  Our pursuit of these outcomes has led us to develop...

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Our commitment to addressing systemic racism

We are aware of the recent allegations made against OSTA-AECO. Unfortunately, these allegations are interconnected with a severe conduct issue unrelated to these allegations of racism; as a result, we are limited in our capacity to respond without creating further...

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Onwards and upwards: 2020-2021

For twenty years, OSTA-AECO has been an integral stakeholder in the education sector, and we’ve built a name for ourselves by advocating for the students of Ontario on the provincial stage. Earlier this year, we refreshed the OSTA-AECO brand as part of a larger...

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