Public Board Council

Led by President Tiya Patel and Vice-President Antong Hou, the Public Board Council consists of student trustees in public boards across Ontario. This year, PBC is working on aiding students to transition back to school as well as several initiatives. The council also works on creating position papers that represent the collective view of students on particular issues. Through the Cabinet members, PBC will promote communication and cooperation amongst Public Student Trustees in Ontario, to provide a united voice.


The Public Board Council of OSTA-AECO is calling on the government, education unions, and school boards to formalize their commitment to “Put Students First” by including the necessary language in all new collective agreements.


The Public Board Council is also offering a scholarship to student trustees in collaboration with the Ontario Public School Board’s Association (OPSBA). Details can be found here.


PBC Student Voice: Understanding Wellness Perspectives

Tiya Patel (left), Antong Hou (right)

The President and Vice-President will work closely with the appointed Public Board Cabinet members:

  • Eastern Regional Rep – Maria Mahfuz
  • Southwestern Regional Rep – Ava Beggs
  • Golden Horseshoe Regional Rep – Ben Cameron
  • Western Regional Rep- Weiqi Xu
  • Northern Regional Rep – Jocelyn Kuntsi
  • Communications Officer – Teerka Baskaran
  • Secretary – Savrup Kaur Saran

Catholic Board Council

The Catholic Board Council of OSTA is comprised of Student Trustees representing the Catholic school boards across Ontario. With our faith being the guiding light of our advocacy, this year’s work will be founded on three pillars; Faith in Equity, The Art of Giving Back, and Actions in Catholic Servitude. The first pillar, Faith in Equity addresses incorporation of aspects of our faith in reinforcing equity for students. Our goal with Faith in Equity is to advocate for equitable practices in school boards and continuing to create safer and more welcoming environments for racialized, Indigenous, and 2SLGBTQ+ students.  The Art of Giving Back pillar emphasizes the importance of charity, endowment, and recognition. We hope that our focus will be recognizing Catholic Student Trustee’s in Ontario and providing more supports for Catholic students in the province.  Finally, the Actions in Catholic Servitude pillar prioritizes the utilization of our Catholic morals and values to impose a positive impact on others through acts of charity, volunteer work, etc. Through these acts we will strive to follow in the footsteps of Christ to embody our Catholic spirit. These pillars will be united through a series of campaigns centered around active advocacy. The Catholic Board Council of OSTA strives to be faithful and proud leaders in our communities.


CBC Stewards of Sustainability DocumentCBC Nurturing Inclusivity

Katie Bowie (left), Stephanie De Castro(right)

The President and Vice-President will work closely with the appointed Catholic Board Cabinet members:

  • Faith Ambassador – Arianna Chua, David Beshai
  • Communications – Sophie Nwaoha
  • Eastern Regional Rep – Alice Okpere
  • Southern Regional Rep – Charlotte Johnstone
  • Golden Horseshoe Regional Rep – Moyinoluwa Esan
  • Western Regional Rep – Brady Kuzma
  • Northern Regional Rep- Joseph Foresta
  • Secretary- Gabriella Pelletier
3 Pillars of Advocacy img

Check out this message from the CBC celebrating Catholic Education Week in 2020:

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