Public Board Council

Led by President Mahek Dhaliwal and Vice-President Zachary Garbaty, the Public Board Council consists of student trustees in public boards across Ontario. This year, PBC is working on aiding students to transition back to school as well as several initiatives. The council also works on creating position papers that represent the collective view of students on particular issues. Through the Cabinet members, PBC will promote communication and cooperation amongst Public Student Trustees in Ontario, to provide a united voice.


The Public Board Council of OSTA-AECO is calling on the government, education unions, and school boards to formalize their commitment to “Put Students First” by including the necessary language in all new collective agreements.


The Public Board Council is also offering a scholarship to student trustees in collaboration with the Ontario Public School Board’s Association (OPSBA). Details can be found here.

Mahek Dhaliwal (left), Zachary Garbaty (right)

The President and Vice-President will work closely with the appointed Public Board Cabinet members:

  • Eastern Regional Rep – Annika Putnam
  • Southwestern Regional Rep – Cassandra McMahon
  • Golden Horseshoe Regional Rep – Evan Taylor
  • Northern Regional Rep – Ethan Hurtubise
  • Communications Officer – Aaliyah Jaleel
  • Secretary – Jamal Gagnon

Catholic Board Council

The Catholic Board Council of OSTA is comprised of Student Trustees representing the Catholic school boards across Ontario. With our faith being the guiding light of our advocacy, this year’s work will be founded on three pillars; Student Well-Being, Family in Faith, and Ecological Education. The first pillar, Student Well-Being addresses vital student concerns with a focus on inclusivity. Specifically, concerns regarding inequity in special education, racism, indigenous communities, and the LGBTQ+ community. The Family in Faith pillar emphasizes faith formation through active service. Through various initiatives, student trustees will be able to strengthen their individual spirituality, allowing them to better advocate for their peers. Finally, the Ecological Education pillar reinforces environmental stewardship in Catholic school boards throughout the province. As stewards of creation, we recognize that we are called to actively protect the gift of the Earth. These pillars will be united through a series of campaigns centered around active advocacy. The Catholic Board Council of OSTA strives to be faithful and proud leaders in our communities.


CBC Stewards of Sustainability DocumentCBC Nurturing Inclusivity

Ontario Catholic Student Youth Day

The Ontario Catholic Student Youth Day (OCSYD) Conference is a celebration of Catholic student youth service and leadership. This event will be taking place on Wednesday May 5th, during Catholic Education Week, with a theme of Nurturing Hope. In addition to the Cardinal Collins’ Catholic Education Week mass, the day will feature speakers and musicians that inspire students about topics like ecological sustainability, student voice and leadership, and mental health and well-being. It is being planned and hosted by OSTA-AECO’s Catholic Board Council, with the support of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association.

Click here to view the agenda

Annika Dela Torre (left), Teresa Siby (right)

The President and Vice-President will work closely with the appointed Catholic Board Cabinet members:

  • Faith Ambassador – Keith Baybayon
  • Communications – Kathy Nguyen
  • Eastern Regional Rep – Declan Amaral
  • Southern Regional Rep – Heather Fernandes
  • Golden Horseshoe Regional Rep – Nicholas Gubert
  • Western Regional Rep – Joseph Roshdy
  • Northern Regional Rep- Noah Coccimiglio

Check out this message from the CBC celebrating Catholic Education Week in 2020:

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